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Alexander El-Warrak is an accomplished leader in the field of veterinary surgery, with international experience leading clinical and commercial research and development projects while serving in academic instruction and leadership roles within the classroom, university hospital settings, and mobile small animal surgery service. He has built a consistent record of contribution to the fields of veterinary surgery, forging an extensive record of publication and presentation, and serving as a thought-leader within the research and clinical field.

Before joining Premier Orland Park in October 2018, Alexander was a staff surgeon in a referral hospital in New Hampshire.  From 2012 to 2018 he worked as a clinical veterinarian for institutions such as Western University in London Ontario, the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children and the University Health Network, the largest and best-funded research-intensive hospital conglomerate in Canada. In this position, he worked with a wide range of species performing innovative surgical procedures. At the same time, Alexander owns a small animal surgery mobile service that serves greater Toronto area and London Ontario.

From 2006 to 2011, Alexander held a faculty role within the University of Montreal’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the Sainte Hyacinthe campus in Quebec, Canada, where he led senior undergraduate veterinary coursework and conducted a wide range of academically- and commercially-funded research. From this tenure, he has secured over $80K in research funding for diverse investigations spanning surgical techniques and technologies besides sharing the clinical duties as a small animal surgeon at the veterinary teaching hospital.

From 2005 to 2006, Alexander performed research within the Cell Surface Biology Laboratory of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro’s Biophysics Institute, concurrently serving as Chief Surgeon for the Black Tie Veterinary Clinic in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Investigating bioengineering and biomaterial clinical applications, he led a state-funded effort to develop experimental models for osteoblast and titanium surface interactions, as well as won first prize within the resident research publication category at the 2005 Symposium of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons.

Completing a surgical residency at the University of Illinois from 2001 to 2004 and AO-VET Fellowship for 2000/2001, Alexander trained extensively in soft tissue, oncologic, and orthopedic surgery while also leading undergraduate veterinary surgery courses. Prior to this role, he served as a Research Assistant within the Muscle Skeletal Research Unit of the University of Zurich’s Department of Veterinary Surgery in Zurich, Switzerland, while concurrently completing his Ph.D. in veterinary surgery. Alexander had the privilege of studying experimental medicine under the Nobel Prize-winning Dr. Zinkernagel, winner of the 1997 prize for medicine.

Earlier experience includes Clinical Instructor for Small Animal Surgery at the Federal University of Parana and Research Assistant with the Federal University of Santa Maria, both in Brazil. Additionally, he completed a small animal surgery internship at the School of Veterinary Medicine of Alfort in Paris, France.

Alexander’s educational background includes a professional leadership degree from Western University and current two-year Diploma in Laboratory Animal Medicine from the University of Guelph (Guelph, Ontario, Canada), a Ph.D. in Veterinary Surgery from the University of Zurich (Zurich, Switzerland), a Master of Science in Veterinary Surgery from the Federal University of Santa Maria (Santa Maria, Brazil) where he graduated at the top of his class, and a Veterinary Medicine degree from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). Alexander is fluent in English, Portuguese, French, and Spanish and speaks basic-level German. Additionally, he was an Ambassador for AO-VET, and has publication credits in a wide array of peer-reviewed journals, including Journal of Oncoimmunology, Am J Transplant, The FASEB Journal, Biomed Microdevices, J Vet Dentistry, European Cell and Biomaterials, Journal of Veterinary Dentistry, Compendium of Continuing Veterinary Education, Veterinary Surgery, BioMed Central- Muscle Skeletal Disorders, and Biomaterials, Canadian Journal of Veterinary Research, Canadian Veterinary Journal, American Journal of Veterinary Research, and Journal of Small Animal Practice.