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Fan Mail from Premier Pet Owners

We strive to provide the best care possible for your pet. We receive nice cards and letters from owners everyday and have them displayed in our waiting area for clients to view. Knowing how important public reviews are to a business like ours, we have now made it easy for you to post a review about our practice directly from our website. Sharing your thoughts online is quick and easy, and your feedback helps us create the best experience possible for all of our valued clients.

We invite you to read Fan Mail from Premier pet owners. You are also welcome to post your pets photo and story to our Facebook page.

Jerry_000A kind message from Christine, Jerry’s owner:

First things first, you are at the emergency veterinary hospital so chances are you are already in a bad situation with a very sick animal at an off hour and the kind of help you need won’t come cheap. I am sure they have gotten stiffed plenty in the heat of the moment so when I called to make sure they were there and they explained their payment policies I understood. They run a very full staffed/full service operation which cannot be cheap to operate 24/7.

This past Thanksgiving, I could tell in the morning that my beloved cat Jerry just wasn’t feeling well, He was pretty lethargic and just wanted to sleep so I hooked him up with a comfy spot, cooked dinner and checked on him throughout the day. After everybody left I scooped him up for some lovin and tv watchin and he fell over and just wasn’t right. He was originally a stray so we really didnt know too much about his age or history. Grabbed the hubby, cat carrier and keys and off we went.

Thanksgiving night at 8 pm they had more than a couple of clients but the office staff was super nice and our turn finally came. The doctor gave him what I felt was a thorough exam told us she suspected serious kidney problems and clearly explained what type of testing and care she thought was prudent to make a sure diagnosis. She explained everything, including the cost very clearly. We gave the go ahead and he ended up staying overnight getting IV’s etc. The next day after the agreed upon second round of testing etc. Dr. Pierson gave us an honest but not good assessment of his condition. He did not try to push any unnecessary care or tests he was just honest which I appreciated even though it was very hard to hear. The bill even came in $70 under the estimate. We ended up taking our little Jer-Bear home to say goodbye and he had a good but unexpected 2 week sendoff party.

I’ll always have pets so I am sure I’ll be back and it is reassuring to know that there is a place to turn for the inevitable animal crisis. Thanks again Premier Vets, you really treated Jerry and me right.

Jerry was treated at our Crestwood hospital.

Good Morning,

Hops_000I grew up in Libertyville and cannot remember a time when our family did not have a dog. Growing up, we always brought our dogs into see Doctor Gene at the Libertyville Animal Hospital where he was starting his career. I am now 45 years old and live with my husband and our family in Lake Villa. However, I still insist that we bring our dogs to see Doctor Gene at the Libertyville Animal Hospital even though there are about 50 Vets closer to our house. I obviously have some trust issues when it comes to my four legged family members. And, as Doctor Gene ages as we all do, I am panicked about the day he retires.

Last February, my yellow lab (Hops) tore is cruciate ligament while running on the ice. We brought him into Dr Gene, who informed us that surgery would be required, but he was unable to perform the surgery himself on large breed dogs. I did not like the sound of this!! A new Vet? With a member of MY family? No way!! But, with no other options, we brought him into Premier to see the surgeon.

We cannot express enough about how pleased we have been with his care for our beloved family member. After our initial consultation with him, I quickly went from completely panicked to a resolve that Hops was in good hands. He was thorough in his explanation of the surgery in terms that we could understand. And, spent the time to answer all questions we had without making us feel rushed out the door for his next patient. He gained my trust immediately, which is the reason I told you the story above. That is NOT easy to do. I could not imagine at the time that this would be the “least” impressive thing he would do.

After the surgery, he called my cell and/or emailed almost daily to check in on the recovery. He had me send pictures of the incision area so he had a visual of what was going on which I thought was really cool. A dog recovering from knee surgery does not need to be transported in a SUV anymore than necessary. Every time I emailed him with questions or concerns, I had a response within 24 hours or less. 95% of the time much less, but I was impressed with the 24 hour time-frame. And, when a physical check up was necessary he was so easy to talk to about everything going on. I could tell that Hops loves him as well.

We thought the worst part was over when a few months later, Hops had a seizure in his back. We knew he had an arthritis issue, but it was being managed by a Previcox prescription Dr. Gene had given him. He was laying in the family room one Sunday and I tried to get him up to go outside. He would not move. I thought perhaps his knee was sore so I put my hands under his hind quarters to help lift him up. When I thought he was steady, I removed my hands and he fell to the floor. Being a Sunday, Dr. Gene’s office was closed. This time, I did not think twice about getting him into our SUV and racing him off to Grayslake Animal Emergency. Once again, the care and concern shown by your surgeon has been extraordinary. He continues to educate us on what we need to do and discusses options and checks in to see how Hops is doing. I am just amazed at how he has kept in contact with us as opposed to use having to try and hunt him down.

I have gone on and on to all of my friends about how wonderful this experience has been. Our entire group is in agreement that we wish your surgeon saw humans, as we do not get the kind of care from our own Physicians as your surgeon has provided to Hops.

I thought it was important for you to know this. We thank you for your extraordinary staff. And as I will continue to have dogs the rest of my life, it gives me great confidence to know you all are so close.

Hops is doing much better and I’m sure I will continue to keep in touch.

Ann L.

seti_000My husband Jay and I would like to thank Premier for the care they showed my cat Seti and us. We brought Seti to Premier Grayslake on Thanksgiving night – he wasn’t acting normal. He was scheduled for Radiocat for his thyroid condition the following Monday. He had been on medication for Radiocat and we assumed he was having an adverse reaction to the medication. This wasn’t the case. Long story short, after a couple blood transfusions and some tests Seti was only able to hang on until early Sunday morning when we and the doctors knew it was time to let him go. We did everything possible to help him and he wasn’t getting better, but worse. It was unexpected and extremely hard. We have a huge hole in our hearts and home. We are extremely grateful to our regular vet Dr. Hartman and his staff at Valley Lakes Veterinary Clinic and the Premier staff. Especially Dr. H. and a gentleman whose name I cannot remember who was with us the morning we sent Seti to visit his brother Conan (who was also cared for by Premier on Thanksgiving 2006). Dr. H. was patient with us calling, having Dr. Hartman call, constant questioning and stopping by for visits. When it was time to say goodbye you could tell it hurt her as well. She even called my husband a day later to see how I was because she knew how upset I was. The gentleman who helped us with finalizing paperwork was also patient and understanding – getting Seti’s paw prints and my special paw print request. I am so thankful to have found vets and staff that care.

Thank you all, Jay, Renee, Splat & Karl

Shaymus_000Thanks to you… Shaymus if back to perfect again! I could never thank you and your staff enough for all that you did for him. I couldn’t imagine the holidays without him. I hope you have a wonderful holiday and new year! I am attaching a few pictures… can see what Shaymus normally looks like! He’s much cuter without feeding tubes and IVs 🙂 Thank you again for all you do!!


Lauren and Shaymus

I just wanted to write and give you a quick update on our kitten, Noel. He had been in to see you with the tentative grave diagnosis of FIP. We really thought that we would be saying goodbye to him that day, but by some miracle he got to come home with us.

NoelAfter a week, you completed a follow up ultrasound and did not find any fluid in his abdomen. We were so relieved that he had begun to improve and he still continues to do so!!! We are well aware that the FIP can sneak back up on him, but we are making his life the best that we can. He now is fully integrated into our house with our 3 other cats. He loves all of the attention that they give him. We are so proud of how far he has come (being a feral kitten caught in a TNR project to a cute, cuddly house kitten). Thank you so much for your time and care for Noel.

SillyfaceYou have no idea how much you are appreciated!
We will keep you posted on his progress! Here’s some photos.

Kristi, Jamie and Noel B.

BentleyWords can’t express how appreciative I am for all that you did for Bentley. My entire world changed early last month when we rushed Bentley to the hospital. After undergoing several tests, the Dr gave us the news that he had a heart condition and we needed to find a cardiologist immediately. It being in the early hours of Saturday morning, I was at a loss for what to do and who to call. I suddenly remembered a segment on 190N about a new pet hospital in Chicago and immediately called you. As soon as I told the man on the other end what was going on, he immediately found an appointment and told me to bring Bentley in. Bentley spent the rest of the weekend at the hospital and I decided to spend most of it there with him. The staff at Premier were incredible and made sure to bring me back to play with Bentley as much as they could. Once released, the staff consistently called to check on Bentley (and me) and were always available when I needed to ask them something (which i definitely did!). After fighting for two more weeks, my lil’ guy passed away. The doctor called that evening and spent over an hour talking with us. Although no one can bring Bentley back, we rest comfortably knowing that he got the best possible care. The team at Premier truly cares for your pet and treats them like their own. I even told the that once I got another puppy, he was going to check her out first… AND HE DID 🙂 I took my little girl to see him.
Thank you again for doing all you could for Bentley.

Brooke E.

HarleyI just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU to everyone that assisted in the care of my German Shepherd, Harley. I brought Harley in on the evening of December 4, 2010. She had kennel cough but it seemed to be progressing and she was very sick. The doctor was fantastic and reassured me that they would do everything they could to help my sweet girl. X-rays showed that Harley had pneumonia and the best treatment would be for her to stay at Premier. While it broke my heart to leave her there I knew that she was going to get the best treatment possible. I could not have been more impressed with Premier! When I would call I was always able to speak with either the doctor or nurse who was caring for Harley. On the morning of December 5, I spoke with the doctor and he explained that she still had a fever and may need to stay an additional night to ensure that the fever broke. I called again later in the evening and the doctor told me that her fever had broke and that she was eating pretty well. He also told me that if I could keep a close eye on her for the next 24 hours that she could come home. I got in the car and went to get her immediately. I was provided with a breakdown of all of the treatments Harley had required, the doctors notes and a copy of her x-rays. Last evening (December 8th) I received a call from the doctor to see how Harley was doing. The service was phenomenal and I am so grateful for the care and compassion that everyone at Premier provided. I am happy to report that Harley is doing very well. This morning she even went outside and barked at the neighbor dogs which she hasn’t done in well over a week!

Again, THANK YOU for being so great and helping bring Harley back to health!

Christie B.

Dear Dr. Coronado and Staff:

LilyRenjilianThank you so much for the time and care you gave to Lily and my family yesterday. For me I felt like I was thrown into a tail spin with all that happened in 24 hours but you and your staff made it so much easier to understand and accept. I felt that she had a peaceful passing or as peaceful as it could have been.

She was a great dog and unfortunately her Delta Society Pet Partner career was cut short after 7 years of working with the kids from Allendale.

She touched so many lives in her life time and will be missed by all. Thank you again for all the help and compassion you gave me yesterday. I will treasure it always along with her footprint.

I’m sure our paths will cross again since she left behind 2 other dogs and 2 cats.

PatchesI am so very happy for you guys! I have used Premier about 3 times in the last few years. You have always provided excellent care, and the staff is very friendly and professional.

I have to say that the vet that saw Patches on her visit tonight was very informative. Thank you so much for being there when we need you!

Lynn R.

BaileySynowiecBack in August we brought Bailey in because she wasn’t acting like herself. We assumed she ate something and it would come out. We have had many trips to the ER vet because of her “habits”.

Finally on Sunday we took her in because it wasn’t getting any better. We had learned that she had indeed ate something and it couldn’t pass. She had to have emergency surgery and part of her intestine had died. Well several hours later, 2 feet of intestine less, and blood transfusions from Boomer, she was out of surgery. The next day she had trouble waking up, but I failed to mention she isn’t a morning dog. I picked her up the following Wednesday.

It has been 19 weeks later and she is safely back to herself.

Thank you Premier for saving Bailey!!

HugoMerloHi. We are writing to thank Dr. Heather for all she did for us and our beloved cat, Hugo, on October 14, 2009. Hugo became suddenly and acutely ill that morning, and our veterinarian immediately sent us to Premier Chicago. Dr. Heather was so kind and compassionate (I was crying my eyes out) and took such good care of him. When we received the news that they discovered (through ultrasound) an inoperable tumor on Hugo’s liver and that he would suffer if kept alive, we made the decision to humanely euthanize him. They let us spend however much time we wanted with Hugo, both before and after, and for that we will always be grateful.

I am so glad that such a facility exists in Chicago now. It’s about time! I have already told all my pet-loving friends about the new facility in Chicago so we now have somewhere to go 24/7 if our beloved companions become ill. I cannot thank you enough for the excellent care of Hugo and their compassion. They made the most horrible day a little more bearable.
I have attached a picture of Hugo.

Thanks again.
Kathie Merlo and Eric Hart

Dear Premier:

Sydney_2_June_2009I am writing to you to thank you for everything that you did for our dog, Sydney. We would especially like to thank Drs. Fox and Naeser, as well as the following nurses Cindy and Erika.

Sydney was so very sick, and we know that you did everything you could to save her. Evan’s Syndrome is a horrible disease, and Sydney fought as best she could to survive. My husband, Peter, and I miss her terribly, but the one thing that gives us comfort is knowing that she got the best possible care available. My husband and I were impressed that the Premier veterinarians make it a priority to not only treat sick animals, but to also stay abreast of the latest research and technologies to more effectively treat animals. We are also very appreciative of the fact that all of the veterinarians who treated Sydney always made themselves available to speak to us, every time we came to visit her. The vets and nursing staff also called us regularly to keep us informed of her status/condition.

Thank you for not only providing Sydney with the best medical care, but also for all that you did to make her feel comfortable and cared for. You are an incredible team. It takes special people to work in the animal emergency field. The folks at Premier are more than special, they’re extraordinary. We recently made a memorial donation in honor of Sydney to “Meisha’s Hope Fund” through the Morris Animal Foundation.

The purpose of this fund is to sponsor ongoing and future research on autoimmune hemolytic blood disease in dogs. We hope that one day a cure will discovered, so that other dogs can be spared from this terrible disease. Sydney in the Sun.

Thank you again. We can’t say it enough.


Elizabeth Hackler & Peter Wiebe

Click here to learn more about the Morris Animal Foundation.

BenI am writing this fan mail because my family truly is fans of Premier Grayslake. Our relationship with Premier began in February 2008, just a few months after moving to the area from Ohio. Our black lab mix dog, Ben (named after Ben Roethlisberger of the Pittsburgh Steelers), was attacked in our yard by a neighbors loose dog. My son and I also received multiple bites. Hearing my cries for help, another neighbor rushed to see what was wrong and was very instrumental in getting Ben and I to Premier. Being new to the area, I had no idea where to go so I will always be thankful that she drove us to the clinic. Ben had received multiple bites and suffered from a severe degloving to his front left paw. Upon our arrival to Premier we were treated incredibly well, they took Ben immediately and quickly sent me off to go to the local hospital for my emergency care. Ben’s foot wound was severe and we were informed that healing would be lengthy. I am so pleased to tell everyone that Ben received awesome care and the staff also showed sincere concern for Ben and our family, especially Chris (vet nurse). On follow up visits he would ask how everyone was healing and was sensitive to my fears. The staffs’ concern went a long way in helping to heal the emotional wounds of this unfortunate event. Ben needed much attention and he had many follow up visits at Premier, as well as our local vet. The majority of Ben’s tissue and skin slowly regenerated but after several months our family was faced with the reality, from our primary vet, that he was not getting better and we would need to explore options to relieve him of the constant pain he suffered and to help him regain full use of the paw. So, once again Premier became a vital part of Ben’s recovery. Ben under went a, relatively new procedure, a wound assisted closure (wound vacuum) and a skin graft.

Ben2I am so thankful to your staff for their medical and surgical expertise as well as your compassion.  With the help of the Premier staff and medical technologies have given Ben full use of his paw and helped to mend our family. Also, we appreciated the multiple Steelers colored bandages wrapped skillfully by Chicago Bear’s fans. I’m sure it was tough.

Bears…Steelers….No, I am truly a Premier fan!!

The Vogel Family

Dr. Fox et al.,

AdidasEarly in the morning of December 10th, 2008, I came rushing into your office carrying my almost 15yo Boxer Mix, “Adidas” (Didas) in my arms. Although my visit didn’t go as well as I would have hoped, I wanted to thank everyone for their compassion and their skillful intervention during the last hour of Didas’ life. She was my best friend–someone I had spent over half of my life with. I am thankful that she (and I) were treated with genuine care, concern, and respect during that very difficult time. My questions were listened to carefully and answers were given in a straightforward and honest way.

Adidas3I was also afforded time alone when I asked for it, and I didn’t feel in any way rushed. So, this isn’t a card (like I had hoped to mail), but I just wanted you to know how very thankful I am for the professionalism and care I experienced on that day.

With deep appreciation,

~A. Hodgson

Dear Premier:
I am writing to you to tell you how wonderful your staff at Premier is. I brought in three dogs at one in the morning trying to figure out which one of them if not all ate the rat poisoning. I walked into this clean fresh environment where at one am everyone was surprisingly bright eyed and very friendly! I felt like I walked into a paradise, it seemed unreal. Unfortunately my 6month old puppy Madeline ate all 36 dosages of the rat poisoning. I thought this would be the end of our journey. I went home with two out of the three dogs that came in hoping she would be okay. I received a phone call at 10 the next morning with an update on how Madeline was doing. I have never received service like that from an animal hospital. Luckily she was doing just great.

I came to visit her and she seemed happy as could be. She was definitely having a good time considering what she was going through. I have never seen any of my pets be so happy to be at a vet never mind the ER! I am so glad that I brought my dogs to Premier and if unfortunately any more emergencies occur in my pets I know where to go.  Premier has saved my dogs life and I will always remember how wonderful all of their staff was! Thank you for turning such a horrible situation into a life saving wonderful situation. I am so excited to pick up Madeline today and hopefully she will live a long wonderful life! Thank you so much for everything!

The Levine Family

Lily2_001My name is Jenny Sweeney and you all were there for me on quite possibly the worst day of my life. I had to say goodbye to my beloved “Lily” the German Shepherd. She was my best friend. Despite the horror of the day for me, I have to say all of you who were there and who helped us deserve golden wings. I can’t thank you enough for devoting your lives to taking care of our companions.

My family and I are considering a move up that way in the next few years and we will know we have a place to bring our brood (and we have a ZOO!) should we face another emergency. Your professionalism and level of care was extraordinary. And the card you sent that you all signed. That was amazing to get in the mail. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Also, I’ve created a memorial site for Lily if you are interested in visiting. There are great photos and a WONDERFUL poem by John ODonohue that any animal loving person will appreciate. Hats off to you. And thank you.

Jen Sweeney